Tattoo Policy

You want to get one of my artwork as a tattoo? On Your body? Forever? Oh my god... that's amazing! Thank you ♥


Below you'll find my policy about getting tattooed with my art:

- Please, let me know which drawing you would like as a tattoo (I don't do commissions, so it has to be a pre-existing artwork). You view my work on Instagram (@yumemoonstudio) and contact me through DMs or by email ( to discuss it.

- Please, do not alter the design unless we discussed it (line weight can be altered according to your tattoo artist recommendation).

- Please, leave a tip here on my Ko‑fi to grant you the right to get the artwork tattooed. The recommended tip is 15€ per piece.

- I will then send you the signed permission to the email address you used on ko-fi.

- Please, be reminded that you won't receive the right to the artwork itself, just the right to have it as a tattoo.


And finally, feel free to share photos of the finished tattoo with me on social media (@yumemoonstudio), I would love to see the result ♥