Cute Kitsunes A5 Postcard

Cute Kitsunes A5 Postcard

Cute Kitsune Club
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An A5 postcard featuring all the Cute Kitsune Club characters: Momoko, Kyou, Natsuki, Jun, Akane and Miki. 

A5 size: 14,8cm x 21cm
Materials: Laminated 330g paper


🦊 What is Cute Kitsune Club? 🦊

Inspired by Japan's popular mascots, the "Cute Kitsune Club" is composed of 6 kawaii and colourful characters: Momoko, Kyou, Natsuki, Jun, Akane and Miki. Each one represents different facets of the visitors of the Japanime convention.

They are foxes with humanoid traits, and they all have their passions, tastes, fashion style and personality. Momoko is a fan of everything that is cute, she likes decora, fairy and lolita fashion. Kyou loves to eat, for him nothing is better than an onigiri or ramen. Natsuki is passionate about Japanese folklore and its many traditions. Jun is a big fan of video games and spends countless hours farming them. Akane is a massive otaku, she's unbeatable at manga and anime trivia. And finally, Miki, who is a true cosplay pro, spending sometimes months perfecting their costumes.